Welcome to the Farmstead!


Let us introduce ourselves: 
we are Rod and Michelle Johnson. 

In May 2020 we relocated from our small homestead in Juneau, Alaska to our 83-acre farmstead in Potlatch, Idaho.  This is a dream we have been working toward for 10 years and are happy for it to finally be here!

For the past 15 years or so, we have grown produce in our small backyard homestead, working up to 500 pounds per year.  We have raised chickens for eggs and meat.  We have planted berry bushes, apple and cherry trees.  We have raised crops that are harder to grow in this rainy area of Alaska - tomatoes, oats, corn, and even a small cantaloupe!

In 2007, we began to sell our handmade soaps at local craft shows and markets under our business name Homesteaders Cache.  We continue to make and sell our soaps under our new business name Johnson's Heritage Farmstead.

We are excited to see what we can do with so much more space!  Our first year we worked on getting a garden space going, raising laying and meat chickens, learning how to process hay, and added 3 Dexter cattle to the farm.  So far in our second year, we built beehives and got bees, fenced in our future orchard, hatched out some of our own flocks eggs, our two cows had calves, we learned how to milk our cows, we added two livestock guardian dogs, one Dexter heifer, and three Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs. We have been selling our handmade soaps, organic eggs, jams, and produce at the farmers market each week and hope to open our little store here on the farm this summer.

We have a lot of work ahead of us and much to learn, but we are up for the challenge.  We will be sharing how it goes along the way and hope you follow along in the adventure!

Thanks for visiting!  ~Rod & Michelle